Roville Codes

Roblox Roville Codes 2021 | Roville Roblox Property Codes 2021

Newest Updated 100% Working & Verified List Of Roville Codes January 2021 & Roville Property Codes. However, Get up to date with latest codes here. Moreover, Redeem codes for free coins and many more rewards. Follow post below to uncover 5+ active codes.

Roville Codes

Before proceed further, let me tell you more about this game. RoVille is an open-world multiplayer life simulation game where players can work one of many jobs, build their dream home and socialize with other players!


100% Working – Roville Codes January 2021

  1. Roville House codes! – 582577188.Aestetic – Starter House Price 24k
  2. Roville House codes – 441193364.islandhouse – Price – 2.4 M
  3. 128802405.Modern – House Price 424k
  4. 211904044.big Modern Price: 140k
  5. 156064749.Slick Modern Home Price 38k
  6. 1611163678.MediumModernHouse Price 1.65Mil
  7. 660138913.Default House Upgrade 2 Price 20k
  8. 1584117343.Sweet Home Price 296,588
  9. 1560644749.Suburban Home Price 26.6k Not Furnished
  10. 211904044.Modern Mansion Price: 148k
  11. The code for this amazing tower is 128802405.Vibe Tower
  12. +100000000000 coins – FREECOINS50
  13. +500 coins – Release
  14. +10000000000 coins – 10+for free
  15. 2 bed, 3 bath modern home with open plan living/helipad and 2 separate car garages. $50,087 Code 1403837326.Modern abode
  16. If you are looking to rub your success and hard earned wealth in peoples faces and enjoy the views of the city from above, Jackson heights is the build for you. $5,069,071 Code: 1403837326.Jackson Heights.


My first, actually successful, roville home! -Roville hills mansion- ~3 bedrooms ~4 bathrooms ~3 car garage ~tennis court ~pool Cost of the home: 238k House code: 121249059.Roville Hills Mansion

Want this home as your own? Type 47739013.Cozy Cottage Home as the marketplace property code. Enjoy!


Game Codes Roville 2021 | Roville House Codes 2021 | Roville Cheap Property Codes

By builderman
+100000000000 coins

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By RoVille
+500 coins

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By idontknow
+10000000000 coins

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10+for free

About Roville & Roville Codes Marketplace

Introduction: Roville is a life simulation game on the platform Roblox, based on The Sims, where players can work one of many jobs, build their dream home, or just hang out with friends. Some skeptics say it has copied Bloxburg, but it’s free and it can save you some Robux. It is also easier than Bloxburg, as when doing basic things, like cooking, you don’t have to press or click anything other than the button which makes you grab food.


RoVille is an open-world multiplayer life simulation game where players can work one of many jobs, build their dream home and socialize with other players!

🌇Explore this large world while driving fully customizable cars which can be purchased in-game!

🏨Build an amazing house and sell it to other players on the marketplace!

🛒 Build a booming business and make millions while managing your empire!

🏠Browse the vast user-generated property marketplace, find a house that fits your style and customize it to your liking!

💹 Invest your cash in the bank!



The Roville Marketplace is a sort of user curated house market. Players can buy and sell houses by opening the menu and browsing the ”Most Popular” and “Featured” tabs. They also have the option to put in a house code in order to bring them a specific house that another player has up for sale.

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at the end, i would like to say that this page contains all new list of roville property, house codes for 2020. Bookmark this page for more roville codes Jan 2021.


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