(100% NEW!) Roblox Assassin Codes List – 2021

Roblox Assassin Codes 2021

Are you searching for Roblox assassin codes? Then, you are lending on the right page. here you can check all new latest Roblox assassin codes for 2021.

Roblox Assassin Cheat Codes August 2021

Below you can find the list of cheat codes that were updated as of 2021. These cheat codes will help you in purchasing various different knives and pets.

  • secretsnowmanomg – Free Holiday Knife.
  • NO_DATA – Free Common Purple Nation Knife.
  • Walruspls– with the help of this code, you can redeem walrus pets.


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Invalid codes of Roblox Assassin:

Below is the list of assassin codes which are out of date and no longer is in use in the game above all, you don’t have to worry about the outdated codes as we will be keeps on updating about those invalid roblox assassin codes.

  • snowman – Free Holiday 2020 Snowman Knife.
  • PRISMANGAMES– This code will give you a floating knife in addition, to reward.
  • FREEKNIFE– It will give you a knife as a reward however, you redeem this code.
  • Pebble
  • Knifeworth
  • Knifes


How to redeem the Roblox Assassin Codes 2021?

If you are not sure about how to use the above assassin codes in the game, don’t worry just follow the below instruction in the game to redeem these codes and enjoy the rewards of these codes in making your game more exciting.

  • Simply click on the gear button which is on the left side of the screen.
  • A new window will pop up however, you click the button.
  • Type the above code in the blank box or you can copy and paste the code.
  • Press the enter button for instance, you get reward.
  • Enjoy the reward of the code in addition, to it enjoy the game.


Badges given in Roblox Assassin game:

  1. Welcome Badge-  You earn the welcome badge however, you join the game.
  2. Trader Badge- Buy or sell the knives in the game in addition, to it you earn this badge.
  3. Level 5- At level 5 you will get this badge  in other words, you are a champion.
  4. L- 10- You can earn this badge at level 10 however, you clear level9.
  5. Level 25- Very few players earn this badge in other words, they are known as pro in the game.
  6. Prestige 3-  After defeating your enemy in addition, to this you get this badge.
  7. P- 5- You play like a Pro after that, you will get this badge.
  8. Prestige 10- Only true legend reaches to this level after that, they earns this badge.
  9. Competitive Top 10-Top 10 players will get this badge however, they are the pro.
  10. Competitive Top 100- Top 100 players will get this badge however, you have to compete with your enemy.


Passes in Roblox Assassin Game-

  • RADIO PASS- This pass can be bought at just $325. With this pass you can play music on your server or for yourself. After getting this pass you can play your own music in the game or you can play the music which is stored for you and musically you can enjoy the game.
  • VIP Pass- VIP Pass will give you 1.5 times tokens, 1.5 times XP, Exclusive Crystal knife, Exclusive Crystal skull, Exclusive radio skin, VIP Chat tag, VIP lounge access in addition, you can buy this pass at $399 only.
  • Clan Owner Pass- With this pass you can create your own clan however, Just start the game and click on the clan badge which is on the right side bottom corner of the screen.


List of Knives skin variants:

Below are the lists of skin variants of knives in the game.

  • Common variants skin – Yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, blue, pebble, rusted, medic, brick, plank, plated, frost, smooth.
  • Rare variants skin- Tiger, Money, Cow, Pop, Diamond, Swirl, Colors, MLG, Hippy, Sunrise, Crimson and Reptile.
  • Legendary variants skin- King of Hearts, Digital, Galaxy, Kraken, Bubblegum, Toon, Tropical, Waves, Corrupted, Camo and Molten.
  • Exotic variants skin- Flame Mace, Electron, Dragon Breath, Dark Scythe and Overseer.
  • Special- Exotic variants skin- Water, Fire, Earth and Air.


What all Roblox Assassin about?

Roblox has launched a game named “Roblox Assassin”. This game is developed by the Prisman. This game is all about hunting your assassin. Hunt your target and be aware of your assassin. In this game, you have to collect or else you can do trade of various knives. You can compete in various game modes or various formats and many more.




Roblox Assassin game is all about the killing of enemies however, various types of knives could be earned through our updated 2021 assassin codes. We promise you to provide you all the supports in the form of Codes, in addition, to make your game more interesting. In conclusion, for more information regarding codes follow our page for updates.

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