Melee Simulator Codes

Melee Simulator Codes 2021

A true warrior needs extra powers to defeat his opponent and extra powers come in the form of promo codes which you will find the real codes only at our page. As our expert team work hard to find out all the hidden codes of Melee Simulator for you, so in order to empower your strength so that you don’t have to see the defeat in the game. Melee Simulator codes will give you cash, gems and extra boost so that you can upgrade your weapons with cash or buy some special weapons through gems. If you don’t have these Melee Simulator codes then you have to make purchase for weapons from the store.

Usable Melee Simulator Codes March 2021

The beneath codes are updated in the month of June only so reliability for these codes are 100%.

  • STRONG: Double your Cash Boost for 5 minutes on making the use of this code.
  • DRO1D5: Encash the mentioned code for 50k cash.
  • ROBOT5: Collect 500 gems.
  • CLOODY: Steal the 50k cash on utilizing this code.
  • 60KGROUP: 60k cash is waiting for you on using this code.
  • 8500LIKES: Grab a Cash Boost for 5 min with this rarest code.
  • DRAGOR: Grab the 2500 gems on application with this code.
  • NOVELTY: Get away with 50kcash with this code.
  • EVIL: An exclusive reward is hidden in this code.
  • 2MIL: Get ready to get more cash with this code.
  • 7K: Unlock the code so that you can earn more gems.
  • ELVILLE: Get a cash boost for 5 minutes on using this code.
  • GALAXY: More cash can be earn on using this code.
  • DELMOZ: If you want to earn more gems then apply to get lucky.
  • BIGCASH: Big Deal of 75k cash on applying this code.
  • G3MMY: Grab 250 gems with this code.
  • DOUBL3C45SH: Multiply your cash boost twice for a limited time.
  • HAPPY: Make yourself happy with 50k cash.
  • 2020: Latest code of this year to get 2020 gems.
  • G3M: Use this code to get 15 gems.
  • C45H3Z: Apply the code to get instant 15k cash.
  • D45H: Double your speed boost for 15 minutes.
  • PETZ: Make a use of this code to get 15 gems.
  • SPRINT3R: Make a powerful speed boost for 15 minutes with this code.
  • MONEYMONEY: Obtain a cash of 50k on using the code.
  • EZCASH: Empower yourself with 5 minutes boost in addition get double cash.
  • INVINCIBL3: Earn the invincible boost for 10 minutes.
  • FREECODE: 25k cash can be earned on application of this code.
  • QUICKSELL: In order to get 5 minutes auto-sell boost use the following code.


Non- Usable Melee Simulator Codes

Luckily, there are no details available for the non-usable melee simulator codes, so you can make use of the above codes freely. You can also share your experience with us about the codes which are not working so that we can also let others aware about the non- working codes in the game.


How to Apply Codes of Melee Simulator?

If you are looking out for the information to apply the above mentioned codes in Melee Simulator game then you just have to follow some of the simple steps in the game so that will help you in applying the codes.

  • Open the Melee Simulator game.
  • While playing game, you will find a code button on your left side.
  • Click on the button and a new screen will get open.
  • Fill the code from the above given list.
  • At last click on the redeem button in order to enjoy the free stuff.

Codes applied in the game can be utilized only once so make sure you use the codes carefully. If any of the code does not get applied then you can use some other codes.


Details of Melee Simulator Game

If you feel there is a warrior hidden inside you and if you always enjoy the fantasy of a warrior, then you must play the Melee simulator game as this game take you to an epic battle where you can enjoy the glory of a warrior victory. However you can also invite your friends to be a part of the glorious fight and battle along with them. You will earn cash when you destroy your enemy and you will have to also face the boss. And in order to defeat the boss you require special weapons which you can unlock with your cash. The last man in the battle will be declare as the True warrior of the Melee Simulator.

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