Fart Attack Codes

Presenting You All the Active & Verified Fart Attack Codes. Get all the latest and newest updated codes for fart attack here. Grab Today’s Most up to dated codes for fart lovers.

Code Reward Status
poop 99 burritos Available
buy 1K coins Available
sick 50 burritos Available
fartastic 50 burritos Available
fart 50 burritos Available
attack 20 cabbages Available
cheese Cheese Fart Available
million 99 burritos Available

Two new codes for Fart Attack! Use codes “stench” and “icky” for some extra burritos and cabbages. Thanks so much. Enjoy!


About game

Battle it out with your friends using farts and fart themed attacks! Multiple stages set inside of a toilet including boss battles!


In short, this page shows you all the best working codes for fart attack, how to redeem codes in fart attack and how to play fart attack game and many more guide.

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